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Episode 25: Caitlin of ATheatrephileCosplay

Recorded back in July, Caitlin joins Tales from the Fandom for its 25th episode.

Caitlin and I discuss a number of fandoms she’s interested in.  We first start off with Harry Potter and how she got involved in the fandom.  We talk about favorite characters, underrated characters and more.  We also talk about The Cursed Child, which at the time of recording, had not been released yet.

Then we talk Pokemon and Pokemon Go (which had just been released).  We talk about the TV show before talking about the various games.

We then talk about Glee, the TV series that started strong and went downhill from there.  We talk about the rise and fall, characters and story lines and more.

We wrap up with talking about how Caitlin and cosplay.  How she got into it, her costumes she’s done and what is in store for her future.

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