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Episode 7: Meghan Short

Meghan Short, a cosplayer and Disney fanatic joins us from Tales from the Fandom’s home base of Orlando, Florida for our first Not Safe for Work (NFSW) episode.

We start off with a discussion of how we both had awkward phases and got into our respective early Fandoms, including a discussion about Final Fantasy X and Nintendo Power.

Meghan reveals that while she enjoys the Abramsverse Trek movies, she’s never seen any of the Star Trek TV series.

Her main, number one fandom, Neon Genesis Evangelion is discussed at great length.

We touch on Firefly before launching into a long discussion about Game of Thrones. As this episode was recorded prior to the end of the season, you’ll notice there are some things that are discussed due to not having yet seen some of the series.

We launch into Disney and her very strong feelings about Frozen and certain characters represented in Disney World.

We wrap up with how she got into cosplay, what she’s doing and what’s in her future.

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