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Sense8 Special with Chelsea Doyle

Chelsea Doyle returns to the podcast for a 5th time to talk all about Netflix’s Sense8.

If you’re a fan of Sense8, you should definitely check this out. As a note, we do talk openly about the story lines and characters, so there are spoilers.

Originally, we were going to discuss Season 2 and talk about Season 3. Then the show got unceremoniously cancelled by Netflix at the start of Pride month. The outcry was so big that they are now bringing it back for a 2 hour wrap up.

Needless to say, Chelsea and I talk all about what happened in such a short time with the cancellation and subsequent return. We talk about the two seasons, the characters, their abilities and powers and so much more. We cram everything we can into the episode.

You can find Chelsea at her new website:

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