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Episode 34: Jessi Rizer

Jessi Rizer, a current law student and cosplayer joins me for Episode 34. Jessi and I dig into Disney, talking about The Little Mermaid before giving love to Esmeralda and Megara. We also talk about the TV series Once Upon A Time as well as how she got into doing princess parties and being a cosplayer.

You may have seen Jessi already, as she was part of an awesome YouTube video of Aladdin riding a magic carpet through the streets of San Francisco earlier this year.

You can find that YouTube video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qUJHAS7I5Y

You can find Jessi at:


Podcast Direct Link: http://talesfromthefandom.libsyn.com/episode-34-jessi-rizer