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Episode 31: Kristin Nicole

Kristin joins us from Texas for Episode 31 of Tales from the Fandom, recorded in August.

We jump right into Kristin’s largest fandom, Sailor Moon.  We talk about who she likes, who she doesn’t, how long she’s been in the fandom and if she’s a sub or dub fan.

Disney is our next fandom we cover and we talk a variety of movies, who she drags along with her and more.

After that, we discuss how she got into the Dead or Alive videogame franchise.  Who she plays, who she likes and more.

We then talk Cosplay.  How Kristin first got involved in cosplay and how it evolved over time, as well as talking about who and how she picks her cosplays and the cosplay community of Texas.

You can find Kristin at:


Podcast direct link: http://talesfromthefandom.libsyn.com/episode-31-kristin-nicole