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Episode 24: Rachael aka PikaKlutz

Rachael aka PikaKlutz joins us for Episode 24 of Tales from the Fandom. Another guest from Florida, this was recorded after the CEO Fighting Game Tournament that happened here in Orlando in June.

We start off with video games and talk about Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect and Final Fantasy before talking about the CEO Fighting Game Tournament and Street Fighter.

After that, we talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender, one of the greatest TV shows to have come on the air.

Rachael then talks to us about her she got into cosplay and how she’s transitioned from being a cosplayer to also being a cosplay photographer and what her plans are.

You can find Rachael at:

Podcast Direct Link: http://talesfromthefandom.libsyn.com/episode-24-rachael-aka-pikaklutz