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Episode 10: The Scarlet Stitch

Scarlet Stitch joins Tales from the Fandom for Episode 10.

We dive into The Walking Dead, talking about the past seasons and what’s going to happen to the crew in the upcoming season, as well as our favorite characters.

Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes up next. We discuss characters like the Scarlet Witch and Kamala Khan. We discuss the range of MCU movies and talk about the shows on ABC and Netflix. We talk about what characters we’d love to see be in or get their own movies and shows. We also talk about the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

We transition to cosplay and how she crochets all of her cosplays, something that I have never seen before. We start with how she learned to crochet and then how she transitioned to cosplaying. She tells us how she decides on her characters to cosplay as well.

Scarlet tells us about a webcomic called Check, Please! that is available on Tumblr. It’s about a character called Eric Bittle who loves to bake pies and joins the university hockey team.

You can find Scarlet at: