Podcast Episode

Episode 4: Bailey of Bailey Vea Cosplay

Bailey of Bailey Vea Cosplay joins us from Central Florida to talk about a variety of fandoms.

We talk about Harry Potter and how she knew what house she was instantly.  We talk about her favorite book in the series, as well as talk a bit about Narcissa Malfoy.  We venture into Azeroth to talk about World of Warcraft and Bailey’s 10 years with the game and what draws her in.  We explore the Welcome to Nightvale Podcast and Book.  Then we delve into her cosplay – how she got into it, the characters she does and her experiences with cosplay and conventions.  We also talk about how she is studying and working towards being an opera singer.

Find her on:

Facebook @baileyveacosplay
Instagram @baileyveacosplay
Twitter @bvcosplay
Snapchat @bvcosplay